We make software for iOS devices and we like tangerines. You can find links to the product pages for our current releases on the column to the right. Check out those pages for more information on a specific app. You can find the apps themselves on your neighborhood App Store. There is even a blog that we will try to update with our latest pseudo-random musings and thoughts if that is your thing.

Have a look around and enjoy.

Leave Us a Review

We appreciate and encourage App Store reviews, both positive and negative. All we ask is that if you're going to say something negative, reach out to us first. We may be able to answer or address your issue.

Beta Testers Wanted!

We are always looking for a few good beta testers. There are significant under-the-hood changes to RCLogbook coming and we will be in the need for interested parties to help smash bugs. If you are interested and willing to really stress the application, contact us through our support address with some information on what device(s) and iOS version(s) you are using, background beta testing, and so on. We cannot guarantee we will accept everyone who expresses interest.

Contacting Us

The blog is a good place to jump in. And, you can always reach us over email through our support address.


  • 7/31/17: RCLogbook 5.0.0 is now available on the App Store!