Simplify Your Logging

“The programmers have done a fantastic job of capturing the essence of the iPhone’s gestures, look, and feel. Whether it's the ‘pinch’ gesture to resize photos, the ‘shake’ that uses the iPhone's built-in accelerometers to start/stop timing, or using the standard iPhone’s buttons and menus to move around, any iPhone user will feel at home using this program in no time.”

“Worth A Closer Look”, Model Aviation, February 2009

RCLogbook is an iOS application designed by an RC pilot for RC modelers who need a convenient and effortless logging solution for their RC models and batteries.

Once you enter some basic information about your models and batteries (such as names, capacities, photos, and so on), RCLogbook takes over to help you capture and edit information on flights (or races) such as the total time, location, notes, or average current draw. RCLogbook is designed to integrate seamlessly with your modeling by traveling with you to the flying field, racetrack, or lake. RCLogbook provides an event timer allowing you to update your logs as you fly or race your models. It also integrates with the iOS location services to track where you are flying or racing.

With RCLogbook, you can keep a log of each flight or race that includes the duration, notes, location, fuel, style, propellers and the batteries that were used. RCLogbook automatically tracks the total time on the model, number of flights, and so on. RCLogbook‘s built-in timer is fully integrated with the tracking making it easy to gather information. The timer supports count up and down modes and can use voice or musical chimes to let you know when you need to think about bringing your model back.

If you want, you can also log events directly without using the built-in timer.

RCLogbook tracks battery charge and discharge cycles including per-pack and per-cell resting voltages, per-pack and per-cell internal resistances, discharge durations, charge amounts, and whether or not a battery is in a storage state. RCLogbook automatically updates discharge information at the end of a flight or race and can compute the average current draw during the flight or race. Using this information, you can watch the health of your batteries thorough a number of battery performance plots.

With RCLogbook’s built-in barcode support, you can easily start events and battery cycles simply by scanning a barcode.

RCLogbook also supports maintenance logs and checklists allowing you to keep up to date on keeping your models in top shape.

New for version 4.5.x:

  • Can now generate logbook of flights and maintenance performed as PDF.
  • Changes to event timer interface to show estimated flight times based on style.
  • New “consumption per minute” and “time to 80%” metrics and plots to monitor battery performance.
  • Support for parallel charging and discharging of batteries.
  • Support for entering per-cell voltages post-flight.
  • Can now drill down on events at a location.
  • Added option for "button mode" on flight timer.
  • Improved robustness of location tracking and arm/disarm slider.
  • Settings re-organized.
  • Bug fixes, UI tweaks, and stability improvements.

RCLogbook requires an iPhone™ or iPod® Touch running iOS 5.1 or later and supports the four-inch displays found on the latest iOS devices. Although it does not include an interface optimized for the iPad’s larger screen, like most iOS applications, it will run fine on an iPad. RCLogbook uses artwork from Fog City Design and Glyphish.

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