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Latest is Live

Well, 3.5.2 is now on the App Store according to the App Store elves. That should take care of the last nagging iOS 3 issues (I hope). In the meantime, work has started on the next release. Current plan is … Continue reading

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Again With the Dot Release?

Ahh, 3.5.1, we hardly knew ye. It seems that 3.5.1 did not quite get all of the bugs that it should have taken care of. So, we are on to 3.5.2. All of the bugs are issues with iOS 3, so … Continue reading

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Vermin in 3.5.0

Well, the bug is real. Crap. There is a crashing issue that can show up under iOS 3 when adding new events. The fix is simple, and a 3.5.1 release was just submitted to the App Store. In the meantime, … Continue reading

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The 3.5.0 Release is Available on the App Store

According to the email from the Apple elves, the app became available mid-day yesterday. We have one bug report that popped up that we are looking into. Generally, before you update to a new version it is good practice to … Continue reading

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Regarding the New Import Functionality

The ability to import into the database has been one of the most consistently requested features over RCLogbook’s lifetime. It has also been one of the more tricky ones to get right. While it amounts to a line in the … Continue reading

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