Back From the Dead (Again)

We are back (kinda). Real life has been very busy over the last year and RCLogbook has not had much attention.

The next release, 4.0.1 will probably be submitted in the next day or two. This is mostly a maintenance release with a few minor features (access to notes from pre- and post-event checklists).

Once that drops, we will turn our attention to iOS7.

It is looking like 4.0.1 will be the last build of RCLogbook that supports iOS4. We are thinking that the next release for iOS7 will require iOS5 or later. Honestly, given the scope of changes in iOS7, a pretty good case can be made for moving the next release to iOS7 or better. The changes are deep enough that maintaining support for pre-iOS7 versions is going to be a huge pain. We are going to give it a shot and see how it goes.

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