iOS 5 Minor Annoyances

RCLogbook has a few minor issues with iOS 5 that are not serious, but a bit of a pain. This time around, with the day job and all I did not have a lot of time to mess around with the beta builds of iOS 5. Both of these will be fixed in the next release.

The first annoyance is cosmetic. You might see faint white rectangles in the tables under iOS 5. This seems to vary from device to device as I cannot make them out on my iPhone 4, but they are very obvious on my iPod.

The second annoyance has to do with the external database access. Under iOS 5 on an iPhone, the URL that is displayed is the IP address of the cellular radio, not the WiFi interface. So, when you try to access that URL from your web browser, you probably will not be able to make a connection. The Bonjour name does work fine, so if your browser supports Bonjour, just use that.

If your browser does not support Bonjour, there is a fairly straight-forward work-around.

  • Figure out the WiFi address that your iPhone is using. You can do this by going into the settings, selecting Wi-Fi, then tapping the blue circle with a “>” at the right edge of the row for the network you are on. Write down the “IP Address” you see on that page.
  • Start up the external database access normally and note the URL.
  • For the URL to type into your browser, take the IP from Wi-Fi and the port number from the URL RCLogbook told you.

For example, if the Wi-Fi IP address is “” and the external database access URL is “” the URL you would type into your web browser is “”.

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