Happy New Year

The holidays made a mess of things this year.

You will be happy to know that 3.7 is in the App Store approval process and should hit the store shortly. For those who have looked at the RCLogbook page, you will see that the documentation and content there has already been updated for 3.7. Any day now.

Things drug out a little longer than expected due to a hectic holiday season. I was hoping to get RCLogbook submitted, got distracted, and then, by the time I got back on track, the App Store developer portal was down for ~2-ish weeks of maintenance. So, I had to wait until right before New Year’s to submit.

But submitted it is. Finally.

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2 Responses to Happy New Year

  1. Peter Vogel says:

    Really like the new version. But I still have one desperate desire — I want a way to enter a one-time checklist of things that need to be taken care of on an airframe before I fly it again. You have the “lists” thing, but it’s too rigid and boiler-plated. I’m looking for a way to say that the following 3 things need to happen before I fly the airframe again:
    1. Replace landing gear due to carbon fiber delamination
    2. Tighten the tail wheel grub screw to restore rudder authority on taxi
    3. Replace velcro on Rx batteries

    But these aren’t things that need to be done every time I fly (like a pre-event checklist in the DB) just occasionally based on observations during flight or at the end of the day when the plane is getting put away in the hangar.

    Ideally, if there’s an undone checklist item, it would ask me to confirm if I said I was about to go fly that airframe, something like “You have unfinished maintenance tasks for this airframe”


    • twillis says:

      Peter –

      Thanks for the suggestion. I will add it to the feature request list and take a look at it for a future release.