On Being Retired

One of the new user-suggested features in 3.7.0 is the ability to “retire” models and batteries. This allows you to keep the data around for models or batteries that you are no longer actively using while taking the retired models or batteries out of the mainline UI.

On the model and battery detail pages, there is now a switch that lets you retire the model or battery.

Once a model or battery is retired, it no longer appears in the top level of the model or batteries tables. These tables now include a “Retired” row that lets you access those models or batteries that are retired.

This row is only visible in the model or battery tables when there are retired items in the database and is always the last row in the table. The lozenge at the right lets you know how many retired things there are. Tapping on the row takes you to a separate page that lists only the retired items.

This page is similar to the top-level page but does not let you launch events or cycle the batteries or models.

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