Well, we are code complete. The last non-bug-fix check-in was done this morning. Between football games this afternoon, we polished off a couple of bugs and issues. Since we managed to get a bit more done than originally expected or planned, we decided to go with 3.7 for the version number. We will now go through several rounds of testing and are shooting to submit the final binary to the App Store in early December.

We are still looking for a few good beta testers, so drop us an email if you are interested.

The feature list can be found after the jump…

There was a fair amount of work under the hood, but here is what is new in 3.7:

  • New database elements for propellers. Models and events can now specify a propeller. The battery performance plots can filter on propellers now.
  • New database elements for event “style”. Models and events can now specify a style. The battery performance plots can filter on styles now.
  • Support for “retiring” a model or battery. This keeps the data in RCLogbook, but moves it to a separate page accessible from the main Model and Battery tab.
  • Support for filtering individual cycles from the battery performance plots. This way, if you know a cycle is an outlier, you can exclude it from being included in the plots.
  • Check list pages before and after events now have a “Check All” and “Uncheck All” button to streamline check lists.
  • Check list notes fields are now exposed in the UI.
  • When selecting batteries for an event, batteries are now sorted in order of least recently charged within a group of batteries with the same capacity, cells, etc.
  • Directly entering an event has been streamlined by removing the “Date Select” page; this is now handled through the “Event Complete” page.
  • New default added to set the duration of a directly-entered event to the duration of the model’s last event.
  • New default added to set the charge amount of a charge cycle to the capacity of the battery.
  • When the web server is running, the app will disable the device auto lock to avoid changing the port number.
  • Battery performance pages now default to setting the slider to the time corresponding to 80% capacity.
  • Fixed a number of visual issues and glitches under iOS 5.
  • Fixed bug under iOS 5 that could cause the URL for the web server to incorrectly point to the IP of the cellular interface, not the WiFi interface.
  • Fixed bug in battery performance plots that could cause a crash for particular small data sets.
  • Fixed a bug in event location selection that could lead to a crash.
  • Miscellaneous tweaks, updates, re-factoring, and stability improvements.

That about does it.

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