3.8 Change Log…

Here’s the change log for 3.8 that just went into the user’s guide:

  • Cycles now support per-cell voltages, per-pack internal resistance, and per-cell internal resistances. These values can be plotted in the performance plots.
  • Added support for unscheduled or one-time maintenance items.
  • Badge model pictures in model and favorites lists when maintenance is pending. RCLogbook will now ask for confirmation before using a model with pending items.
  • Revamped battery performance plot UI to allow comparison of up to four batteries and improved battery filtering.
  • Updated audio capabilities: added click track, additional voice, improved relative volume control, added some flexibility around vibration.
  • Save pictures of models taken from RCLogbook to iOS photo library.
  • Added location sensitivity setting and changed criteria for matching the current location to a saved location.
  • Re-organized settings.
  • Added optional color tag to batteries.
  • Added maintenance logs, per-cell voltages, per-pack resistance, and per-cell resistances to export/import format.
  • Numerous bugs, visual glitches, and UI consistency and annoyances fixed. Lots of re-factoring under the hood in preparation for the iOS 4 transition.

Beta to begin shortly…

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