Beta Progress and Lion

The beta continues. So far, things have been pretty quiet, which is either really good or really bad. Hopefully, if it is the good to really good end, we can get the release into the submission flow next week which would put it in your hands before August gets too far along.

From that point, we will start on the next release. A few of the features are pretty well understood and should go in quickly. At this point, no decision has been made on whether we should try to do a few features quickly or take time and do some of the bigger ideas that have been kicking around.

In other news, Lion dropped today. While the tangerines are very tempted, one never does a major upgrade of tools or OS right on top of a release unless one wants to roll the dice for chaos. So, it looks like we will be staying on Snow Leopard until 3.5.0 hits the store. If you have not yet read it, Siracusa’s review on Ars is, as always, over flowing with great insights.

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