Release 3.8 is Out!

The App Store tells me that RCLogbook 3.8 is now live! Wh00t! You should see an update notification shortly. For more on what is new, surf on over to the RCLogbook page or check out the release note post on this blog.

“What is next?” you ask…

Well, we have started doing some behind-the-scenes clean-up and re-factoring for the next release. In the spirit of “release early, release often”, this time around we are going to focus on a big feature or two.

One thing that we can say for sure is 3.8 marks the last release for iOS 3. Going forward, the next release will only run on devices using iOS 4.2 and later. This will allow us to use some of the newer APIs and deliver some functions that could not be easily done on iOS 3. Also, on a more practical note, support in the tools for iOS 3 development is going away as Apple pulls developers forward.

What this means practically is that RCLogbook 3.8 will be the last version of the app that will run on the original iPhone and first-generation iPod Touch since these devices cannot run iOS 4.


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