Where oh Where is my 4.0 Release…

We found a few annoying bugs late in testing, that slowed us down.

Then, I am not sure you heard this, but I guess Apple announced a new iPhone?

Along with the phone came new development tools which created a few other issues.

So, we are holding the release until next month. This will give us a chance to get it updated for iOS 6 as well as iPhone 5. Plan is to get the submission to the App Store elves at Apple right around the end of September which would put it in the store early October. This will add one more bullet to the feature list:

  • Support for iOS 6 as well as the iPhone 5.

The only bad news out of this (well, other than the delay), is that RCL 4 will now require iOS 4.3 or greater. This means that 3.8.2 will be the last release than runs on the venerable iPhone 3G. Long story as to why this is so, but it is due to some changes in the development tools and a desire not to leave anyone with an iPhone 3G running a broken 4.0.0 release that we cannot release an update for.

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