Where we are With 4.0

Well, wouldn’t you know it we found some last-minute bugs that popped up during some flying recently. So, we are still in a holding pattern on the release. There was an issue in the audio system that was causing “ducking” of the audio from other sources (like the iPod app) to not work as expected. There were also some other minor issues with the barcode scanner that needed to be dealt with. Functionality-wise, none of these were the end of the world, but they were annoying enough to fix.

The audio bug in particular proved to be really hard to track down. I still have no idea why what changed fixed the problem – the audio code was (mostly) unchanged from 3.8.x, where it worked fine. In any case, it appears to be working as of this evening.

Things look clean again, but now we have iOS 6 looming in a little over a week. The question is do we hold off until iOS 6 is out to get a quick beta in or just run some limited testing on the GM release that was made available to developers today. There’s also been some other changes in the latest tools that have implications for our planned support for iOS 4.2 (basically, iPhone 3G).

Decisions, decisions.

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