Release 3.8.1 is Out!

There was a big whoops in 3.8.0 for folks running iOS 4. Strangely enough, there were very few complaints which either means that pretty much nobody is running the app on iOS 4 or they never got around to charging batteries. This whoops has been fixed and the people responsible, sacked.

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Release 3.8 is Out!

The App Store tells me that RCLogbook 3.8 is now live! Wh00t! You should see an update notification shortly. For more on what is new, surf on over to the RCLogbook page or check out the release note post on this blog.

“What is next?” you ask…

Well, we have started doing some behind-the-scenes clean-up and re-factoring for the next release. In the spirit of “release early, release often”, this time around we are going to focus on a big feature or two.

One thing that we can say for sure is 3.8 marks the last release for iOS 3. Going forward, the next release will only run on devices using iOS 4.2 and later. This will allow us to use some of the newer APIs and deliver some functions that could not be easily done on iOS 3. Also, on a more practical note, support in the tools for iOS 3 development is going away as Apple pulls developers forward.

What this means practically is that RCLogbook 3.8 will be the last version of the app that will run on the original iPhone and first-generation iPod Touch since these devices cannot run iOS 4.


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3.8 Change Log…

Here’s the change log for 3.8 that just went into the user’s guide:

  • Cycles now support per-cell voltages, per-pack internal resistance, and per-cell internal resistances. These values can be plotted in the performance plots.
  • Added support for unscheduled or one-time maintenance items.
  • Badge model pictures in model and favorites lists when maintenance is pending. RCLogbook will now ask for confirmation before using a model with pending items.
  • Revamped battery performance plot UI to allow comparison of up to four batteries and improved battery filtering.
  • Updated audio capabilities: added click track, additional voice, improved relative volume control, added some flexibility around vibration.
  • Save pictures of models taken from RCLogbook to iOS photo library.
  • Added location sensitivity setting and changed criteria for matching the current location to a saved location.
  • Re-organized settings.
  • Added optional color tag to batteries.
  • Added maintenance logs, per-cell voltages, per-pack resistance, and per-cell resistances to export/import format.
  • Numerous bugs, visual glitches, and UI consistency and annoyances fixed. Lots of re-factoring under the hood in preparation for the iOS 4 transition.

Beta to begin shortly…

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Looking for Beta Testers…

As often seems to be the case, things get busy right when I think I have lots of time to work on the app. So, 3.8 has been dragging out. It has been mostly done for quite some time, but the last few percent has taken an awful long time.

That being said, looking for a few good beta testers. Use the contact page to get in touch if you are interested. Hurry, we are going to start any day…

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Winding Down…

Well, 3.8 is nearly done. There are one or maybe two more things left to do before it is beta time. This is shaping up to be a bigger release than expected. There is all kinds of new goodies in there.

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Behold! The Battery Comparinator!

One more new feature (mostly) wrapped up after a few days spent tracking down a nasty bug (who knew _currentAction and currentAction hit the same IV?). The performance plots have been revised and extended slightly.

The scale button in the middle lets you select up to 4 different batteries to compare. Then, the data for all of the batteries shows up in the plots.

Now it is off to conquer the tri-state area!

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Still Moving Along

Current area of focus is around the battery performance plots. We are adding support for some of the new fields that were added (internal resistance and the like). This has proven to be quite the pain in the butt, honestly, as we have had to significantly re-factor a bunch of the code.

I think we are finally out of re-factoring hell and can get on with finishing up the implementation. From there, the finish line to the release should start to appear on the horizon. Wh00t!

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Per-Cell Data

Recently seen in a development build:

The battery cycles now track both per-cell voltages (charge and discharge phases) as well as overall internal resistance and per-cell resistances (charge phases only).

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New Maintenance Due Badges

I think we are going to go with this one:

This is (hopefully) a little more obvious than the “!” that was used earlier.

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The Fate of iOS 3 Support

After some thinking, I have decided to drop a few features from the next release that would have forced me to eliminate iOS 3 support this time around. As a result, I have decided to focus the next release on tying up a few loose ends around some features that do not need iOS 4 and beyond. The plan then is that the next release will be the last release that will run on iOS 3 devices. We will make the transition to iOS 4 as the minimum iOS on the following release.

On an un-related note, Happy SuperBowl Sunday. The tangerines do not really have a horse in this race, so we are just hoping for a good game.

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